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  a family tradition since 1928

Nestled in a beautiful and scenic valley of northeast Minnesota’s Sawtooth Mountains is Lax Lake.  Once a logging community and Northern Rail stop, it has been home to many intrigued by its beauty. It is here where each day nature’s ensemble invites your senses to experiences that no other place has.  We welcome those who appreciate the peacefulness of God’s country and offer an enjoyable vacation doing what we we can to make your stay pleasurable and memorable...




Tucked just miles off of the super highway of the north shore (Highway 61) and the Big Lake of Superior,  you will find Lax Lake. The Johannes Waxlax family laid claim to the area and settled it in 1894.  By 1907, Lax Lake became a thriviing community that developed with the introduction of logging and the laying of the railway by the Alger-Smith Lumber Company's Duluth and Northern Rail Road.  In time, Lax Lake had its own schoolhouse, newspaper and saloon.  Although not for passengers, people could board the train at the present day resort to travel to surrounding areas.  For a short span, Lax Lake was a town on the map with its own post office that operated until 1915.  When the logging was done and the tracks removed, the "town" disappeared, but some of the established community remained.  John Waxlax (son of Johannes) who previously farmed and operated a little general store, officially opened Lax Lake Resort in 1928 on the same site. John envinsioned a destination that offered both tenting and lodging with the construction of 8 lakeside cabins.  Eventually John's son and wife took over the resort's operation. After 45 years in the John Waxlax family, in 1973 the resort was sold to the Rudloff family where it has now remained for 49 years.  


When purchased by the Rudloff's, only four of the eight cabins (built around the early to mid 1930s) and the office building remained. At present, two of the cabins are rented, one is our boathouse, and one is slated to be restored. In 1979 we moved buildings from what was the old Candlelight Motel by Split Rock when the land was made a state refuge.  The motel unit later took a facelift to become what is now our "duplex" unit.  Outhouses gave way to the construction of our "lodge" building in 1990 and modern toilets, showers, laundry and sleeping (lodge rooms) were added. At one point the main office also served as a little restaurant and grocery stop. Weekly visits were made by Bill the Dairy Man and Tom the Candy Man, to name a couple of our special suppliers.  We also a had a mini golf coarse. Throughout the years those items have been eliminated and are now added to the many chapters in the resort's history. Since it's beginning, however, the resort has held on to John's original vision of being a destination for camping and lodging in a special nook of the Sawtooth Mountains of Lake County, Minnesota.


Lax Lake Resort is "ma and pa" vintage style resort. It is not a fancy place... it's uniqueness and charm is that it's one of the few remaining family operated resorts still in operation in the arrowhead. It's not a big place... another added charm. The resort is close to the many wonders that the north shore has to offer, yet, with the increasing number of tourists to the area, a place to get away from the crowds. In the changing times of vacation stays, Lax Lake Resort is often stated by our guests to be a refreshing pause in time. You may not find great cell phone service due to the hills. There are no tvs in the rooms... Hey, you're supposed to be on vacation. We do not take on-line reservations as we like to meet our guests and let them meet us. We know that we are not a fit for everybody, and that's okay... better to find out before you head out. Quiet time means quiet time...(SORRY CHARLIE, not the place to party it up).  Vacation is meant for decompression,  and we hope our guests respect each other's vacation... wouldn't you rather listen to the soft lapping of waves rather than someone else's radio? Our place is catored to those who want an opportunity to slow things down a bit and create memories. Maybe it's the first fish your child caught or that chipmunk who ate your chips.  Maybe it's finally getting in a canoe or holding an ice-cream cone in one hand and a fishing pole or book in the other while sitting on the dock.  Maybe it's waking up to the call of the loons and watching the sun rise over the hills.  Maybe it's hiking to one of the many near-by breath taking waterfalls and the stories later told about your day's adventures around your campfire.  We are seasonal family resort operated by three generations who pool and trade their time to keep the legacy of sharing our place to those who appreciate it.  Whether you use our place as a central location for your vacation outings, or you spend your entire time with us, we invite you to our little resort on the lake.



We have a little store of souviniers, cards, supplies, bait, firewood and  basic camp foods. Our selection of clothing can outfit you in Lax Lake style. Wi-Fi is available by the office area and not throughout the grounds... but you don't have to tell your boss that.


The ice cream cone sign on our building invites all to our most popular tradition... hand scooped ice cream featuring assorted flavors. 

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